Hang Signs or Decor
Quickly & Safely!

Suspend signs and decorations quickly and safely with the Clik-Clik magnetic hanging system.

Select the “4-Minute Video” tab at right to get started, and see how the Clik-Clik system features:

  • Inexpensive & Reusable Tools
  • Fast Suspension
  • Level-Hanging Signs
  • Safety: No Ladders!
  • Easy Display Changes

Since the Clik-Clik system uses powerful ceiling magnets and extension poles instead of ladders, suspension is fast and the risk of falling is eliminated. The amazing LoopLine hangs signs level, and makes display changes a breeze.

With the greatest flexibility in positioning, and easiest take-down of any hanging system, Clik-Clik is the ideal solution for a drop ceiling, industrial girder ceiling, or wherever aircraft cables have been hung for a specific signage location.

Please look through this website to see the full line of Clik-Clik display solutions and unique tools for the party balloon industry. Then contact a Clik-Clik distributor to place your order.

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The animation above shows the steps:

  1. Attach ClikMagnets to the item you wish to hang.
  2. Place the ClikMagnets on a MagMover and raise it to the ceiling using an extendable MagPole. The MagMover releases the ClikMagnets upon contact with metal on the ceiling, suspending your item.
  3. When it's time for removal, capture the ClikMagnets with the MagMover corkscrew and pull them safely down for reuse.
Store signs hung with one of the the ladder-free MagMover ceiling hanging systems
Safety first! The Clik-Clik magnetic display system quickly hangs level retail signs without the use of a ladder!

Balloon displays hung using ceiling magnets and magnetic ceiling hooks
Clik-Clik tools are ideal for displaying long-lasting air-filled balloons and other decorations. Photo courtesy of www.LearnBalloonDecorating.com